(My daughter) had such an amazing time! She seemed so free and uninhibited, which are things we sometimes struggle with. I was so excited to see how enthusiastic and creative she was! This was a wonderful experience! Thank you!  – R.S.

Hi Belinda and Wally, You guys totally rule.  Keep doing what you’re doing – it’s perfect.  My daughter feels so comfortable and herself with you both and I know her friends loved their experience, too.  The atmosphere is serious and playful, team-oriented and individual-empowering.  Your hearts are clearly in the right place, and you so obviously love the kids! … I’m (we all are) so grateful for your hard work and big hearts!  – I.S.


Wally and Belinda, I have been meaning to write you both this summer.  My daughter wasn’t able to come to your camp because we were away at the same time.  Instead, she did a different art and theater camp in August.  “It’s in Park Slope I’m sure it’ll be great!” Dave and I agreed.  It was not great, it was fine.  But mainly it just could not come close to inspiring her the way your camp last year did.  She said: “Well we had a lot more time and MUCH longer days at Belinda and Wally’s camp, that’s why we did SO much more.”  Sorry child the time was exactly the same.  Her mind was blown.  She said, “Belinda and Wally’s camp was MUCH, MUCH BETTER AND FUNNER!” Hoping for next year.  – C.K.


HI Wally and Belinda, I just wanted to send a note saying how much our son loved the camp … it was very obvious when he would come home each day, exhausted but with the biggest smile on his face. Thank you for taking such care with the kids, and for teaching them so beautifully. We look very much forward to doing it again next year:-) Kind Regards, C.F. 



Dear Belinda and Wally, Thank you so much for your excellent instruction in the “Arts” program this summer.  Since then, my daughter’s pieces have shown much improvements as she has implemented the fine details and skills that were taught to her this summer! Again, thanks for all you do for Kid’s Art Development.  – P.N.

Oh my gosh! I think camp was a really positive amazing experience for our daughter.  Her feedback was this: Belinda taught me that there are no mistakes so now I can draw anything I want!  My goal was for her to expand her thinking and exposure a little and I think she did that.  I know she loved studio art and I’m so happy we found you!  Thanks for everything and for the wonderful photos and experience.   -S.N.