Do you stay in Prospect Park the entire time?

Mural Art with Belinda will meet at the site of the mural under Seeley Street Bridge on Prospect Avenue in Windsor Terrace. 

Performance art classes with Wally will spend each afterschool class entirely in Prospect Park.

How many kids will be in the group?

Each class has no more than10 kids.

Will the kids be wearing masks all the time?

Yes, all kids are asked to wear their masks at all times. When kids need to take a break from wearing their mask we ask that they be socially distant. 

Is there a spot to use the bathroom if needed?

Performance Art classes will use Prospect Park Public Bathrooms. The Mural Art workshop will use a nearby business or residence.

What happens when it rains?

Rain or shine we will have class!

Mural Art can safely do their work at the site as it is under a bridge. Performance Art will work in a sheltered spot like the Nethermeade Arches. If there is a storm (i.e. serious hazardous weather) then we’ll move to Zoom.